Channel 4

  • 40 Years to Find my Family

    40 Years to Find my Family

    In Cambodia, a popular TV show is healing the wounds of history, by bringing back together families torn apart during the brutal Khmer Rouge regime. Separated by genocide, reunited by TV.

  • Trump: An American Dream

    Trump: An American Dream

    Trump: an American Dream, is a four-part series that charts Trump’s extraordinary journey through five decades as businessman, developer, media star, politician before reaching the White House. It is also the story of modern America (Directed 4th episode).

  • Terror in Sudan

    Terror in Sudan

    Unreported World gains rare access to the Nuba Mountains to film the heroic doctors who are saving children in a largely hidden war being perpetrated on civilians by one of the world’s most brutal dictatorships.

  • Gaza’s Property Ladder

    Gaza’s Property Ladder

    Unreported World travels to the Gaza strip to reveal one of the world’s strangest real state markets. In this war-torn territory, ‘Location, Location, Location’  means finding an apartment in one of the highly sought after areas which are usually not shelled or hit by missiles.