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  • Terror in Sudan

    Terror in Sudan

    Unreported World gains rare access to the Nuba Mountains to film the heroic doctors who are saving children in a largely hidden war being perpetrated on civilians by one of the world’s most brutal dictatorships.

  • Vietnam’s Dog Snatchers

    Vietnam’s Dog Snatchers

    The Vietnamese have a long tradition of eating dog meat. Nelufar Hedayat investigates how criminal gangs have infiltrated the lucrative dog meat trade and are stealing thousands of pet dogs to meet demand.

  • Africa’s Drugs Scandal

    Africa’s Drugs Scandal

    Unreported World goes to Senegal to investigate a humanitarian scandal – the thousands of cancer patients left to suffer needlessly because they can’t access morphine.

  • Diving Into Danger

    Diving Into Danger

    Unreported World travels to the Mosquito Coast in Honduras, where indigenous people are risking their lives diving for lobsters destined for North American and European diners.

  • Baseball Dreams

    Baseball Dreams

    In Dominican Republic, baseball is one of the few routes for young men out of poverty. But the chance of making it is slim and the cost of failure can be devastating. This film meets the boys desperate to make it as US Major League baseball players.

  • Kickboxing Kids

    Kickboxing Kids

    Muay Thai is one of the toughest martial arts in the world and in Thailand it’s an obsession. Children as young as 7 are regularly paid to fight and their matches draw huge crowds. For poor families, there’s potential for big winnings. But it comes at a price.

  • 15 and Learning to Speak

    15 and Learning to Speak

    Patrick Otema is 15 years old and was born deaf. But in the remote Northern region of Uganda where he lives, there are no schools for deaf children. Now an inspirational sign language instructor is about to change Patrick’s life.