9/11: One Day in America

A genuine masterpiece…Not just proficient but genuinely quite incredible, the direction given is confident and controlled in the best of ways. Daniel Bogado so easily could have gotten lost with the endless amount of details and perspectives he could have focused on but instead constantly holds true to his powerful vision, truly showcasing his talent as a documentary filmmaker.

Carson Timar, Clapper

Killer Ratings

The director paints a mesmerizing portrait of a tabloid joke come to unreal life, and the insane complications, and doubts, that materialized in its wake... Bogado skillfully navigates his narrative’s twists and turns, and provides virtually equal time to both sides of the Souza debate… That balanced approach is the real key to the series’ success.

Nick Schager – Daily Beast

Killer Ratings, a jaw-dropping story compellingly told, may make us thankful that barriers are in place to prevent broadcasters with delusions of becoming politician, cop, judge or jury from doing so.

Mark Lawson – The Guardian

40 years to find my family

The reunion, in a TV studio, is incredibly emotional. They embrace, a huge emptiness is suddenly filled, there’s not a dry eye in the house, I’m practically in tears here and I’ve only known them for 20 minutes. But that’s not the end of it – there’s a further twist, and that’s it, me gone, blubbing like a baby.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

Kickboxing Kids

Shocking and disturbing... Kickboxing Kids, which documents the lives of young Thai children who are trained to fight for money, maintained the high standard to which viewers of the programme (Unreported World) have become accustomed.

Jake Wallis Simons, The Telegraph

Terror in Sudan

Haunting and moving… It is sensitively filmed – it is under-stated and well-paced. There are very many small moments which create a huge emotional impact on the viewer.

Rory Peck Trust

Baseball Dreams

Unreported World: Dominican Baseball Dreams (Channel 4) is a departure for this foreign-affairs strand, which normally reports from areas of conflict and danger. No blue flak jacket required this time – but the story is powerful and shocking.

Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

Diving into Danger

“Diving into Danger” had you holding your breath and increasingly panicky feelings at bay… It was customarily excellent, enraging and upsetting half-hour’s work by the documentary strand, highlighting another overlooked instance of man’s inhumanity to man.

Lucy Mangan, The Guardian